Dabbawal | Indian street food in Newcastle

Dabbawal was a nice experience, great considerate service and lovely food.

Their website states it’s UK’s best casual dining restaurant (not sure about the credentials, but that’s what it says)

They do tapas style selections or full ‘big eat’ curries,

and their lunch/pre-theatre/evening menus are nice and affordable.


It seems that as well as their city centre location, they also have a restaurant in Jesmond. That’d be a lovely day out, going to Jesmond Dene on a sunny day and finishing up with nice Indian meal afterwards.

Will definitely visit again.


Five Guys (Northumberland Street)

Fab fries from British potatoes! £4 for medium fries

Free nuts 🥜 ✅ 

Tasty burgers BUT

WELLLLLLL overpriced in general for a McDonald’s kind of experience, particularly the milkshakes (no table service so no justification for nearly a fiver for not even a large banana & Oreo milkshake that I could replicate ten times at home for that money. Fresh banana was nice but couldn’t taste the Oreo apart from the very end)

Music was banging wayyyyy too loudly, more like a nightclub at 2 in the afternoon (Saturday though)

Wouldn’t go again unless I wanted delicious chips on their own to take away

Have you had a better experience?

Chiquito @ Eldon Square

Nice, filling lunch 

Served within 15 minutes (or your money back)

Ours came 14 minutes after ordering 😄

Mexican food, ok service and nice sombreros 😄

And we got a bowl of popcorn to the table upon arrival, a nice little touch 👍🏻

Will go again if I fancy a simple meal, nothing special but quality food nevertheless

Let me know what you think of Chiquitos if you’ve visited!

Here’s some pics…

My meal: Spicy chicken burrito from the lunch menu.. the nachos were spot on

My husband wanted the sweet chilli chicken wrap (or something like that). The coleslaw was nice!

The habanero sauce was fab!!!



Check out my vlog review of Ikea’s food below

Such great simple meals, and signing up for the family card is a must as you’ll get unlimited free coffee and tea 😀

Ikea also does a super cheap breakfast, hot dogs and lovely milkshakes just before you leave the shop.

It’s just a shame you have to walk past all of the stuff Ikea sells on the way to the restaurant, and I don’t think I’ve ever left empty handed!! They’ve got a great business going on there. Well done, Sweden, you’ve done the world a favour. Well done.


Nudo Sushi Box @ Monument

I am full and satisfied after having a Salmon Black Pepper takeaway from Nudo. About the same calories for my portion as in a Big Mac, but loads more filling.  First time I’ve been to Nudo, actually.
I went in to get sushi to begin with, but value for money seemed a lot better with this rice based meal.
The girl at the till tried to upsell more sauce, saying she thinks the meal is too dry otherwise. My thoughts were that if the portion is shit at the price it’s sold at then I won’t go again. I want an upsell to be a luxury, not a necessity.

I did add some soya sauce to the rice at home but thought the meal was ok without. Nothing too special, but not bad.

I’ll go again when I’m on my own on a shopping trip and fancy rice under £7.
Next on the list of similar places is Shi Jo at Haymarket, a friend swears by it and after I saw a pic of her meal from there today I got a bit food jealous 😬

Here’s my meal today