Nudo Sushi Box @ Monument

I am full and satisfied after having a Salmon Black Pepper takeaway from Nudo. About the same calories for my portion as in a Big Mac, but loads more filling.  First time I’ve been to Nudo, actually.
I went in to get sushi to begin with, but value for money seemed a lot better with this rice based meal.
The girl at the till tried to upsell more sauce, saying she thinks the meal is too dry otherwise. My thoughts were that if the portion is shit at the price it’s sold at then I won’t go again. I want an upsell to be a luxury, not a necessity.

I did add some soya sauce to the rice at home but thought the meal was ok without. Nothing too special, but not bad.

I’ll go again when I’m on my own on a shopping trip and fancy rice under £7.
Next on the list of similar places is Shi Jo at Haymarket, a friend swears by it and after I saw a pic of her meal from there today I got a bit food jealous 😬

Here’s my meal today


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