Dat Bar, Newcastle Market Street

Tallulah Mae pizza / red pepper & linseed starter soup

There’s usually great music during the day at Dat Bar (chilled out, funky older tunes), quirky decor, friendly hipster service.

Pizza standards vary, but when it’s good, it’s fantabulous! The proper thin sourdough base is always spot on. 

The burger on the lunch menu isn’t special when compared to Fat Hippo, which is just around the corner. 

All starters are pretty dope, only once out of the about 50 orders I’ve placed here the soup has been sub-standard (too runny). 

Dat Bar gets rammed at weekends (bar area especially) and before theatre performances (in the same building as Theatre Royal).

 The music is too loud for my liking in the evenings, can’t have a normal conversation. 

They currently (3-2017) do a 2 course lunch for £7.95, or 3 courses (coffee or ice cream for dessert) for £8.95. Great value 👍🏻

Oh, and to add this is a great place for vegetarian pizza lovers. 

Despite a few visits not having been ideal (very few toppings on the pizza, and once we waited for food for 40 minutes before the theatre so had to leave and pay without having time to eat the food) we’ve been regulars here for a couple of years. 

I think it’s the staff that keep us going back, even after a dodgy visit. Well, and the Tallulah Mae pizza…. hoping it is made like it was today ⬇️ DELICIOUS 😋